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Buyback FAQ

On Campus Buyback

  1. Bring your undamaged books and student ID to the Bookstore during buyback hours.
  2. We will then take and look them over, scan them to see if they have value.
  3. We do this purchasing for another company so depending on their needs and inventory levels the price can vary day to day. The amount we give you for your textbook is solely up to the BNC Services, so please be kind.
  4. You will be paid cash for the books that we are able to purchase.

Buyback Textbook Conditions Guidelines

Certain conditions are required to sell a book back. Check out our standards below to see if your book(s) meet these guidelines.

A used book might have any of the following characteristics:
  • Notes written in the margins
  • Highlighting, from a little to a lot
  • Typical wear and tear
  • Rounded corners
  • Scrapes and scratches
  • Faded cover art
  • Creased pages
Quality assurance standards

A used book purchased from us will not have stains or water damage, missing/torn/loose pages or cover, excessive writing or marking in or on the edge of the book, broken/torn spine, or damaged/torn binding.

Books returned in such condition are rejected from the buyback program and either discarded or sent back to the last owner.

Unacceptable book conditions examples

Books that are disfigured due to water or fluid exposure are not acceptable.

Both the front and back covers must be fully intact. The spine cannot be significantly weakened or torn.

Books that have missing, torn, or loose covers along with excessive corner wear are not acceptable.

Books with writing on the edges will not be accepted.

Not accepted. It is not possible to ensure the next student would receive every page.

Books with any missing or torn pages are not acceptable.

Accepted with writing on less than five pages.

Excessive highlighting is not acceptable.

Online Buyback Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Menu" and "Sell Your Textbooks".
  3. Follow the prompts and enter ISBNs. Don't forget Guaranteed Buyback titles you purchased will be listed alongside other purchased titles as well. You can also enter the ISBNs of books you purchased elsewhere to see if they have buyback value.
  4. Confirm your books, delivery address and payment method.
  5. Click "Submit your buyback".
  6. Print the quote from your email.You'll need one quote for every six books.
  7. Print the FREE shipping label.
  8. 8. Ship your books back.

What is Guaranteed Buyback?

Our GB program has been developed to help students reduce the cost of course materials for residential students. If the book is on our GB list we guarantee that we will purchase the book for a specified price at the end of semester buyback. Students know up front the "minimum" value of the book at buyback. Yes, we said minimum. There is a chance that your book may be bought back for more but it will not be lower than the guaranteed price advertised. You simply purchase your book, use it, and then return it for the cash value promised during the End of Semester Buyback.

How does this differ from your regular buyback?

Great Question! At our buyback window we purchase books for use in our own store at up to 50%. If we aren't using it, you have an opportunity to sell it to a wholesale used book company. These prices change often and it is hard to predict what the price could be when you sell. Normally they pay more for books in high demand and less for books with little demand. With GB, we have already determined some of the books which will be bought! So, if your book is on the GB list, you know for sure how much you can sell it back for in December. By working with our used book wholesaler, we are trying to put more dollars in our student's pockets. We are excited to do the work to secure the best pricing at buyback on behalf of our students.

What if my book is not on the GB list?

We are still running our great buyback program at the end of each semester and you may still get a great price for your used book. You should still bring your books to the buyback counter when you are finished using them and find out how much your book is worth.

Is this program for New books only?

That is the best part! We are going to buy back your used book or your new book! Now you are really saving! Please be aware that your used book will be graded at the buyback counter. If it is in less than good used condition, it may not meet the condition that GB books need to be in. See conditions below.

Do you buy books in any condition?

We will buy used, not abused, books that have covers intact, no excessive highlighting or writing and no water damage. The book has to be resalable to another student. If the dog really did eat your book ...we really can't sell it to someone else.

How do I know if my book is in the guaranteed buyback program?

Your book will be identified on the shelf as a GB with the "minimum" buyback price right there so you can do the math.

What if I decide to keep my book?

If you want to keep your book, go ahead. You are under no obligation to return the book at the end of the semester with this program, if you are enrolled in a residential or campus course.

Why Guaranteed Buyback?

It makes it easy for students to save money. With GB there are no contracts to sign, you don't have to have a credit card, and should you decide to keep your book there are no additional fees for on campus courses only.GB allows you to save money with no hassle! You don't have to wait for your book to ship to you and you don't have to ship it back. Just purchase your book from the store and sell it back for the guaranteed buyback price during our end of semester buyback.

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